All About *Contact Biz QR* Business Card Scanner

Let’s face it, today’s business card scanner is a broken toy. It’s frustrating as a certain place with a bad, hot reputation. Whether it’s an app on your smartphone, or a $300.00 desktop model that hooks up to your PC, it barely does half the job.
Business Card Scanner Biz-Card-Stack_1000x776.jpg
Imagine going to a Chamber of Commerce business mixer and bringing home a stack of business cards like these! Trying to collect contact details from all these business cards and import them somewhere useful – like your phone contacts – is a nightmare.

If the card has colorful fonts, flowing scripts, poor contrast between the background and the font, or heavy artwork, you just know that current business card scanners will at best get about half the information that’s on the cards. You’ll end up entering at least half of the information from these cards manually. It’s a job that could take days!

Those are days that you could’ve been already calling people from the mixer while you’re still fresh in their minds. Days that you could’ve been working on other aspects of your business and making money. Hours and hours that you wouldn’t have to pay someone to scan the cards for you.

Honestly, are you really going to get the contact details scanned from all those cards, and reach out to all those business contacts? A lot of people have just given up on it.

The current business card scanner apps and devices on the market are using technology designed to convert simple typed, black-and-white documents into digital documents. That’s typed, as in with a classic mechanical or electric typewriter that slams a metal letter onto an ink ribbon to stamp a letter on the page. One single, very plain, very clear font. No artwork at all. Maybe, just maybe colored paper.

I’ve spent my own share of hours trying this. I’ve used smartphone apps. I’ve used a $300.00 desktop scanner. I’ve been frustrated by all the wasted time and lost opportunity.

Well, lucky for all of us, I’ve been a huge fan of technology since I was a kid. Dan-2015_Profile-pic.jpgMy name is Dan Stafford. I was reading science magazines and science text books when I was in grade school. I tore things apart to see how they worked. I was reading up on computers since way before I could get my hands on one. I became an Air Force radar technician at seventeen years old. I spent over twenty-one years working as a telecommunications technician in the long distance industry in Milwaukee and then Chicago. Fiber optics. Routers the size of your refrigerator. Voice switches that did millions of calls a day, and diesel generators the size of moving trucks to keep it all running. I’ve started up two technology businesses, and these card scanners left me gasping for air. Then a light bulb went on, so to speak.

I figured out a way to have your business contact information saved in a format that’s designed for computers to read. I’ve filed a provisional patent application on the process and method, so, Patent Pending.

With this method, you can instantly scan business contacts to your smartphone and add them to your contacts, right there, at the mixer. You could be speaking to a world-renowned artist with the most artistic cards in the event. As long as they’re using *Contact Biz QR* on that business card, you can scan the card and add the artist to your phone contacts in three taps.  This innovation frees up business owners and representatives to have cards that are beautiful to the human and to your smartphone’s camera.


Better yet, your business contact details can move beyond just business cards! You can use *Contact Biz QR* on:

  • Name tags
  • House for-sale signs
  • Brochures
  • Luggage
  • The back of your smartphone
  • Shirts & Jackets
  • Vehicles
  • Signage
  • E-mail signatures
  • Website contact pages
  • And much, much more

In fact, I bet you can think of places to use *Contact Biz QR* that we haven’t even imagined pointing a business card scanner at! Feel free to visit our Contact Us page and send in suggestions. We’ll probably post them to our blog to help our users in new and interesting ways!

*Contact Biz QR* embeds your contact details directly in a QR code. The app doesn’t have to try and recognize characters or go to a website to look your details up. Your details are right there in the QR code, designed for the computer chip that runs your phone to read. It just reads the QR code, and there are the contact details – just confirm that you want to add them to your phone’s contacts. This is the best business card scanner going! You’ll never need another business card scanner or app!

At this point, the smartphone app portion of *Contact Biz QR* is a concept waiting to be coded. I need to raise the funds to have mobile app developers code it for me. However, you can create your *Contact Biz QR* now, today, on this website.

Some existing bar code scanners will even read it already, and allow you to add the contacts on your phone. Those bar code scanners aren’t nearly as bulletproof as I want this app to be, nor will they put the time and location where you scanned the contact in the notes field like I want to do. The current scanner apps are designed for today’s QR codes, which generally just go to a website, and that’s it. They’re still a LOT better than the old optical character recognition scanner apps designed to work with typewritten documents, and that means that *Contact Biz QR* is useful now, today.

What I’m asking for is your subscription. For $25.00 per year, you can create multiple *Contact Biz QR* codes for your own use. Become the master Ninja of business networking with the *Contact Biz QR* business card scanner! (And much more scanner, too!)

If you happen to be a Realtor or Real Estate Broker, this is particularly useful for you. You can do a different QR code for each property you’re selling, with your contact details and a web link going straight to the webpage for the property with that particular QR code on the “for sale” sign in front of. Potential buyers or renters can pull up in the driveway, roll down the window, scan the *Contact Biz QR* code on your “for sale” sign, and look at the property details or call you on the spot.  They also can have the information saved to their phone contacts for follow up with you later. You’ll make it easy for a buyer or renter to decide they want to go further with a property they saw from the street.

By using *Contact Biz QR* or donating, you’ll be helping me end the frustration and pain for all of us in business networking. Please donate or give us a try today!