We Have Been Super Busy Getting Things Rolling…


So, it took about two months to get this video produced:

And our first effort was this:

There have been a ton of tweaks to the website, recording how-to videos, sharing in-person at business mixer events and local businesses in the Temecula / Murrieta area of Southern California.

We’ve had polo shirts made at a local tee shirt shop we’re friends with, and a local printer in our business / leads networking group made us name tags and business cards:


Magnetic name tag



Front of name tag left, back of biz card right.



Polo shirt










Needless to say, everything came out wonderfully. The polo shirt will scan if you put it on a flat surface, but QR codes don’t do well with wrinkles and curved surfaces, so it’s really for show. We don’t recommend putting QR codes of fabric or other highly-flexible surfaces. They need to stay flat.

We’ve also been working on a Facebook ad to promo this idea, but you’ll need to visit us on Facebook to see that. The ad was tough, because Facebook really doesn’t like text in video thumbnails. They want pictures, with only 20% text on the entire image. We had to come up with a completely different way to give folk a clue as to what the video is about. We’re hoping that works.

Also, one of things we want to emphasize with *Contact Biz QR* is that it gives YOUR promotional materials and business cards a huge advantage over competitors’ materials. Yes, it will be convenient for you if everyone starts using these and makes it easier to scan contacts for all of us. That’s why Dan came up with this idea, after all. He was frustrated with scanning business cards for contacts. Until that happens, however, if someone comes home with 20 biz cards from a chamber of commerce mixer, and yours is the only one with *Contact Biz QR*, which one will they scan first? Especially if you told them what we do and why your QR code is on your cards and brochures?

A lot of these cards on the left will be getting *Contact Biz QR* codes from us in the very near future, but in the mean time, which would you rather scan?



Current business cards without *Contact Biz QR*



New *Contact Biz QR* business cards