Contact Biz QR is a revolution in high-speed business contact sharing.

Gone are the days of collecting business cards at mixers and taking them home, only to spend hours scanning in the contact details from them while manually editing half or more of the information.

No longer is it necessary to worry whether your business card information uses too artistic a font, graphics, or background. Be as artistic as you like!

Business contact details are now freed from only business cards and brochures. Contact Biz QR allows myriad places and ways to share business contact details!  Where can you think of to share your business contact information?

Contact Biz QR is an innovative synergy of technologies that is designed specifically to make networking and contact sharing dramatically easier for:

  • Business owners and officers
  • Chamber of Commerce representatives
  • Real Estate Brokers and Agents
  • Job Applicants
  • Hiring and Human Resources Agents
  • Service Providers
  • More people than we can imagine!

Find out more about Contact Biz QR and how it can help you!